6W LED Bullet Afterburner Turn Signals ( one pair )

Canadian Cruiser Customizing


This LED Driving Light houses 4 x 1.5 watt flush mounted high powered LED’s. The design is a bullet style body with a hollow threaded mounting stem. All of our Bullet Turn Signals are a 3 wire design – ground, low intensity & high intensity. These are the smallest and the brightest available on the market today. You will need a load resistors/equalizers or an LED Flasher Relay to operate these Bullet Turn Signals( if your bike has led stock signals simply wire into the existing turn signal wiring.)

Need mounting hardware check out our P-Clamps

Click link to view our You Tube video featuring the Afterbuner LED Bullet Signals  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cpwb1-Eh5s

Wiring Instructions

Black Wire - is the Ground wire - this wire must be grounded to the frame or wired into an existing ground wire

Red Wire - is the LED postive Low intensity wire - this can be wired into your running light wire on the turn signal harness.

Blue Wire - is the LED postive High intensity wire - this can be wired into the turn signalwire on the turn signal harness.

The LED does not have to have both High & Low wires connected to operate, if you wish to only have the LED on high intensity or low intensity that is a wiring option.

NOTE - Do not connect the red and blue wires together.

 LED Specs ( 1 Bullet LED )

  • Power 6 Watts/12V
  • Amps 0.71
  • Lumens 240
  • Length 70mm
  • Diameter 25mm
  • Hollow stem 20mm long x 7mm diameter

Colours available

  • Amber
  • Red

Body Colours available

  • Chrome
  • Anodized Gloss Black
  • Anodized Gloss Black with Chrome LED Housing

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