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                 To all of our customers - Thank You for an excellent weekend at the Vancouver Bike Show.  You bought tons of LED's and we are out of stock on some products.  We do currently have an order in to replace our out of stock items.  Based on your feedback and suggestions we will also be adding new products to the site.  New products will be avail early March and I will put them up on the site ASAP for you to check out...check back for some really cool LED's.                                            Thanks again Scott CCC


Be sure to check out our new Goldwing Specific Section.  This will be fill with lots of really cool LED's for your Wing...very soon


 NOW Available - 64W 2800Lm Afterburner LED HEADLIGHT BulbsStarting at $59.99 each



Since 2007 we have been supplying top quality LED's for the Motorcycle, Automotive and RV industry.  Now, we have taken all of that knowledge and expertise and applied this all to our new line of Home & Office LED Lighting



                                                                        Canadian Cruiser Customizing             Advanced LED Technology

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